Leaf wetness to monitor disease risks

Leaf wetness to monitor disease risks

Leaf wetness is the amount of free water on the surface of the leaf, i.e. whether it is 'wet' or not. This is a key factor in accurately monitoring disease risks.

How is leaf wetness calculated?

Leaf wetness is calculated by measuring the changes in the electric field on the leaf surface. This requires a sensor that is placed as close as possible to the leaves.
The Leafcrop (networked leaf wetness sensor from Sencrop) uses this calculation method.

The moisture sensor simulates the natural characteristics of the leaf to enable farmers, wine growers and arboriculturists to obtain accurate and reliable measurements from the heart of the orchard or vineyard.

It must therefore be placed at the heart of the vegetation so that it is subjected to the same humidity and foliage conditions as the plant.


Why use a humidity sensor?

Remote monitoring and autonomous recording

If you don't have a weather sensor to measure leaf wetness, you'd have to go round every crop to see if there was any water on the leaves. However, it is also essential to know how long this water remains on the surface of the leaves, which is not possible by simple monitoring. Connected moisture sensors therefore provide much more accurate information, which is automatically recorded!

Anticipating disease risks

Leaf moisture conditions play a crucial role in the development of diseases, particularly fungal diseases such as mildew and powdery mildew. By keeping a close eye on leaf moisture, farmers can anticipate the risk of disease and plan their operations with peace of mind.

Optimising treatments

Moisture also plays a part in the positioning of treatments.

  • For low-volume treatments, ensuring that the leaves are well moistened means that the products are better diluted, so they are more effective.
  • For standard volume treatments, excessive moisture on the leaves can lead to leaching of the product, reducing its effectiveness.

By anticipating the risks, you can strategically time your treatments, optimising input quantities and achieving cost savings

Leaf moisture as a basis for decision support

Leaf wetness is a critical meteorological parameter for utilising certain decision aids like Rimpro or VitiMeteo. Leafcrop, Sencrop's leaf wetness sensor, enables the provision of ultra-localised data to these decision aids, offering precise agronomic advice tailored to your crop.

Leafcrop wet bulb temperature sensor

The Leafcrop wetness sensor is a piece of precision equipment that provides all the data fruit growers need.

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