New in 2023: the water balance evolves for controlled irrigation!

New in 2023: the water balance evolves for controlled irrigation!

The control of irrigation in agriculture is essential to ensure optimal conditions for crop development while limiting water consumption.

In 2022, Sencrop presented its innovative and patented solution to the agricultural sector: the solar irradiation sensor, Solarcrop. It is part of the Sencrop solution for irrigation management, called "Irricrop".

The Irricrop solution for simplified irrigation management

The Irricrop solution includes 3 connected weather stations:

  • the Raincrop connected rain gauge to measure rainfall, humidity and temperature.
  • the Windcrop connected anemometer to measure wind speed and direction.
  • the Solarcrop connected pyranometer to measure solar radiation and energy received by the crop.

The Irricrop solution can then be used to measure evapotranspiration (ETP) and water balance, two key tools for optimal management of your crop irrigation.

The water balance is calculated using water input and output data. The ETP combines the evaporation of water from the soil and the transpiration of the plant. This is the water that leaves the system. Water inputs include rainfall and irrigation.

Up to 10 water balances can be generated in the Sencrop application by changing the soil type and crop type variables!

A new, more accurate water balance

The root depth of plants has a direct impact on the amount of water available in the soil. It depends on the type of crop and its stage of development. At the germination stage of a crop, the roots are smaller and the useful reserve will therefore be limited. As the root depth increases with the development of the plant, the useful reserve also increases.

From now on, when you indicate your crop and its sowing date, its root development is automatically defined and taken into account in the calculation of the useful reserve! This means that you know more precisely the real water requirements of your crops.

The root development and water requirements of a plant therefore depend on its growth stage. To further refine your water balances, enter your growth stage observations in the field!

By entering the actual stage of growth in the Sencrop application (go to the "Crops" tab), the crop coefficient and root depth used in the calculation of evapotranspiration and water availability are automatically adjusted.

Get a result as close as possible to reality for an accurate monitoring of your soil's water needs!

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