Clean stations, clean data

Clean stations, clean data

Connected weather stations have become an essential tool for farmers, providing a convenient means to remotely monitor crop weather conditions in real-time through our mobile and web application, regardless of your location. However, to ensure your station delivers accurate and precise data, it's crucial to guarantee its proper installation, maintenance, and cleanliness.

Why maintain my weather station?

Several factors can cause incorrect weather readings at your stations, including blocked leaves, spider webs and insects. Here are some photos and testimonials from our users:

Additionally, a good initial installation of your station can deteriorate over time. For example, vegetation can grow and thus hinder/obstruct your station. Therefore, ensure routine inspections to verify that the installation conditions are adhered to.

Finally, your station's battery may be coming to the end of it's life. You can easily order a new battery directly from your Sencrop app, ensuring continued operation of your station. Instructions for ordering a new battery are available here.

How do I maintain my weather station?

To maintain accurate readings, it is recommended to clean your weather station at least every three months. For detailed instructions on cleaning your station, check out our FAQ, which includes step-by-step guides for cleaning the different types of stations we offer (Raincrop, Windcrop, Leafcrop, and Solarcrop).

Maintenance made easier by the Sencrop application

To facilitate the maintenance of your connected weather stations, the Sencrop mobile app offers you a complete status of your stations. To do this, go to the stations tab and click on the station you want to control.

There you will find information on the condition of the battery, allowing you to anticipate the need for replacement and thus avoid unexpected service interruptions. The app also tells you if cleaning is necessary (only required for Raincrop stations), and guides you on how to proceed.


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