Maximising treatment applications with Sencrop's new spraying windows

Maximising treatment applications with Sencrop's new spraying windows

To optimise the effectiveness of your treatments, it is vital to identify the optimum weather window. To assist you in making the right decisions every day, Sencrop is launching its new spraying windows! They enable you to identify the best treatment window for your crops and the product you want to apply.

Tailored spraying windows for your specific product application

The optimum weather conditions for applying products vary according to their type. For example, the constraints for applying a contact fungicide differs from those for a root herbicide. With our new spraying windows, you can now select the type of product you plan to apply: generic, fungicide, insecticide, foliar, root, contact or systemic herbicide. You'll receive specific recommendations tailored to each type of product.

Application rules based on expert recommendations

The treatment windows proposed by Sencrop are based on precise application conditions, derived from the results of trials carried out by technical institutes, as well as from regulations.

For example, favourable conditions for applying a fungicide are as follows:
✓ a temperature between 7 and 20°C
✓ humidity between 60 and 95%
✓ wind between 0 and 10 km/h
✓ 3 hours with less than 0.1 mm of rain.
Conditions for applying a fungicide presented in the Sencrop application.

You can find all our application conditions directly in your Sencrop application.

Ultra-local weather data for optimum precision

Indeed, as highlighted earlier, weather data is paramount for effective and optimised intervention. However, we understand the significant spatial variability of weather conditions, even within short distances. That's why our spraying windows rely on data directly collected from your crops using our connected weather stations.

This data enables us to monitor conditions on your farm in real time, and is also the basis for Sencrop's forecasts. To create these forecasts, Sencrop compares the data collected by your station with all the models available, to automatically aggregate the most reliable forecasts for your locality, with visibility up to 7 days ahead. This means the best weather forecast for you!

Sencrop forecast

Ultra-local weather data means we can provide you with precise, reliable recommendations specific to your needs.

An intuitive interface for easy identification of spraying windows

It's important to be able to quickly and easily identify the best time to spray your fields. You can therefore view all your crops and the optimal, non-optimal or unfavourable treatment conditions over the next 24 hours:

  • in a list
  • on a map with a time cursor

By clicking on the crop you are interested in, you can access hour-by-hour details of the weather conditions for applications over the next 4 days. This allows you to easily identify which elements - wind, temperature, humidity, and rain - are unfavorable for your application.

An advisor view for personalised support

This new feature also includes an advisor view, enabling them to monitor all their farmers' crops simply and effectively, and to support them in their decision-making.

Don't wait any longer, you too can identify the RIGHT time to take action, thanks to customised spraying windows. Optimised intervention will enable you to protect your crops while optimising your resources and expenditure.

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